Steps To Take at the Scene of a Crash

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What To Do In The Following Moments of a Car Accident

The moments immediately following a car accident are crucial when it comes to receiving compensation for your injuries.  Obviously, not all accidents require lawsuits for medical expenses and other benefits, but if there is any indication of injured parties you can assume there will be.  In Michigan where I currently practice law, you actually sue your own insurance company for medical expenses and you can only sue for third party benefits if you can prove substantial injury that passes the “injury threshold”.  Anyways, most drivers have no clue how to change their tire if it goes flat let alone what to do following a car accident.  If there’s one reoccurring theme I hear from clients, it’s that they feel that they were unprepared for a serious car accident and in some cases this cost them dearly.


A Guide of Things To Make Sure You Do

There are many good lists available to help you prepare, but here is a short checklist that I would follow if it were me that was injured.  It’s very easy to get scared/anxious/worked up right after an accident, but you need to stay calm and make good decisions.  If anybody is hurt make sure they get the medical assistance that is required first and foremost.  Do not attempt to help somebody that may get injured even more if you were to attempt moving them.  The obvious next step is contact the police.  Even if you don’t think that contacting an officer is required, you will be sorry if you don’t.  What if you find out later that you had a serious concussion or the pain starts increasing over the next 90 days?  Make sure that you get an official police report as this can be extremely important when making a case.

Record and Write Down As Much Information As You Can About the Accident

Obtaining and record as much information as possible after the accident.  Note all your injuries and symptoms even if they may not be extremely severe, you’ll be surprised how some injuries take longer to start hurting.  I would also recommend that you write down all the information that you remember.  Relive the moment for awhile and write down everything that you can possibly remember including the exact location of the accident, what the weather was like, how the accident occurred, driver information, how much damage their was to both vehicles, etc.  I would also make sure to take as many photos as you can of the accident scene.  Most cellphones have cameras nowadays and this is more than enough to get the job done.  Shoot pictures from all different angles and get everything that may be important.

Call Your Auto Accident Attorney Before Talking to the Police

Call your attorney before the police arrive to get the official police report and talk to NO ONE else at the scene besides the police.  Don’t admit responsibility or even blame others, just stay calm, cool, and collected.  Make sure that you stay at the scene of the accident until everyone else has finished which includes emergency vehicles, police officers, and all other parties involved.